Modelling and Analysis of Innovation and Competition Processes

Politecnico di Milano
School: May 26–28, 2014
Workshop: May 29–30, 2014



If you are a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano and want to pass the exam of the school (5 credits):
  • You should attend at least 70% of the lectures (that is, at least 4 half-days out of 6: your signature will be required each half-day).
  • After the end of the school, but before February 1, 2015, write an email to the school organizer Prof. Fabio Dercole ( Specify whether you are interested in a specific topic and/or in doing the exam under a specific lecturer.
  • You will be assigned to a lecturer, who will entirely take care of your exam. You will agree with him on the topic of your exam.
  • The exam will consist in studying a paper (or a small set of papers) or in a specific project involving analytical and/or numerical analyses. The output of the exam will be a written report to be sent to the lecturer by email. The maximum grade will not be given to reports consisting in a summary of the studied material, but missing interesting results, personal criticisms, suggestions for improvements and extensions, etc.
  • The exam must be completed (report delivered) within six months from assignment. Please notice that we cannot accept any unreasonable timing (e.g., due to deadlines in your duties). It will take few weeks to assign the exam after the request, and to grade the report after delivery.

The same regulations apply if you are a PhD student of another University and you need to pass an exam (important: you should also sign the attendance sheets).

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